Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fiery Darts

Yesterday I went to do some weeding in the garden. I had let a plant grow to see what kind of plant it was. It did have flowers....but it had "fiery darts" too. Before I had only seen these "fiery darts" on my pets. They cause sores and fester when they manage to reach their skin. I have pulled many off my hairy dog and seen the red places that are left behind. So, I go after this plant knowing it needs to be destroyed. It's place is on the burn pile. I had seen it before but I was dressed in clothes I did not want the "fiery darts" upon. It was as I expected, my clothes were covered in the poky, sharp, painful pieces from the plant. I chose to leave them on for morning devotion. I wanted the children to see the visible picture of us doing what is right and still have "darts" thrown at us. What a wonderful depiction of our lives as Christians. We try to do God's will and Satan tries to stop us. In truth, I had been stopped from getting rid of the plant before. I was not properly dressed...over dressed more like it. We are to put on the full armour of God. We are to expect "fiery darts".
Many of those working with the hosting program had illness strike their families. Some had flu like problems, some stomach, some vertigo and some just pain. When Satan works that hard to try to stop us from what we are doing, well, I can't wait t see what God does! Due to the pain, from a fall, we did no fundraising this year. We had no offers to help. We chose not to ask for anything. We let the needs be known. Thank you to those that helped!
The fiery darts are still coming. I am having vision problems in one eye. I was painting for someone a few years ago and lost partial vision in my right eye. I think pride prevented me from telling many and hopes that the vision would come back. Our well is not working correctly. Sometimes the water is red with dirt. When the man has time he will come and work on it. Knowing God's ways are perfect. Knowing God allows things to happen for a reason. Knowing the fiery darts will keep coming as long as we try to spread the Gospel and work with orphans.